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Freedom of Information Act Theatre

In this weeks episode, Nick, Nathan, and Ryan do a very special presentation of Volcast entitled “Freedom of Information Act Theatre”. You’ll laugh, cry, probably swear, but you’ll leave this short and exhilarating ride with a renewed faith in humanity, particularly Vol nation. Or at least you’ll be entertained for 15 minutes. It was fun for us to do it anyway. Enjoy!


Postseason here we go!!! Join Nick, Nathan, and Ryan for all things UT basketball and SEC tournament, with a couple brief sidetracks onto football. Don’t forget to join the NCAA bracket challenge after!

Signing Day 2018

So here it is, after a long sebatical, signing day 2018! Nick and Nathan discuss it all, the good and the bad. We also deep dive into UT basketball and give our take on the NFL’s issues. Hopefully by the time you hear this we beat Alabama and are on our way to a number 1 seed! Enjoy!

The wild ride

After a breif hiatus from podcasting to spend every waking moment following our coaching search, Nathan, Nick, and Robert recap the events of the past 3 weeks. Come join us as we cover the administrative coup of Fulmer, talk about how Pruitt can do it, our bball team, and how yeast make lovely alcohol.

Coaching Search

Join Nathan, Nick, and Ryan for the biggest, best Volcats episode yet! After a very brief recap of an encounter with Leonard Little, we dive deep into the list of possible coaching candidates, and let you know what our picks would be.