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Kentucky Postgame

Nathan and Nick talk Kentucky game, the pros and cons of Gruden, why Butch is still here, MacElwain’s exit, Florida’s next target, Lane Kiffin, an update on our beer, plus much more in our longest and most exciting episode yet! Come join us as we discuss one of the most interesting times in UT sports news.

Alabama Postgame 2017

Nathan and Nick discuss the tragedy that is UT football whilst brewing a delicious IPA. We take some time to look at some of the way too early coaching candidates, including some of the guys further down the list than Gruden.

Indiana State recap 2017

Nick and Nate welcome our first guest, Josh, to discuss the Indiana state game (scrimmage?). We touch on the trash can, bad mustaches, and the love of hating our SEC brethren. The audio quality isn’t what we’d like it to be, but the content was soooo good we had to publish. Look for improved audio from here on out. Enjoy!